You are More Than You Think: Clarity On the Spiritual Path

Do you know how to frame your life experiences so you can gain clarity of who you really are? We all have spiritual gifts to share with others and the world. Often the Soul is ahead of the mind’s perception, and if one is not in touch with this inner truth, personal growth, expansion, and self-appreciation can be limited. 

This presentation will primarily feature individual readings by Ken Kaplan in an interactive group setting. Its focus is to help those attending connect more with their spiritual center, gifts and abilities they have, be more clear about where they are on their spiritual and life path,  find the next step in their development, and often be more aware of their purpose in life. Because so many people are opening to a more intuitive life, this has been a very eye-opening, enlightening, exciting, and important  experience for all who have taken it.

Due to of the depth involved and the one on one attention, the class must be limited to 8 participants.