What Dreams are For: Simple Version

I am writing a book on dreams which will explain everything fully. Keep up with my posts to gain insight. Meanwhile, here is about as basic a description¬† as possible. Also, read my drop boxes “What If” and “About Dreams”. (This is 99% of “regular” dreams. Lucid dreams, departed loved ones visitations and “higher self” dreams are a different category.)

The Profound Importance of Dreams
Dreams create uncannily accurate, meticulous and explicit feedback, in unique symbolic language, of exactly how we are thinking and feeling about situations, events, and people in our waking life. The dreaming mind never lies. The dreaming self bypasses unconscious resistance to go right to the heart of these thoughts, feelings, and responses. Dreams connect present events to primal triggers, often long forgotten, through selection of symbols that represent our most formative experiences, linking them to the present. Dreams may also be used creatively for guidance and solutions around issues, for inspiration, and even to clarify another dream. Dreams may be one of the most critical tools for growth available to you.

Dream work is invaluable in aiding with clarifying life purpose, releasing resistance to growth, and supporting our ability to manifest what we want from life. Working with your dreams is like contacting the best inner counselor you could find, one who knows everything about you, and can provide solutions for nearly every problem.



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