Understanding Expanded Intuition in a Changing World

We are in an era of rapid change and personal transformation. Attitudes, ideas and conceptions about human nature and possibility, especially regarding spirituality, that would have been unthinkable to the mainstream years ago are now commonplace.

Many individuals feel themselves confused, uncertain, even shaken and bewildered by experiences that are appearing in their lives. These can range, to name just a few,  from premonitions of the future, visitations of deceased loved ones, heightened intuition that could be called “psychic” (often clairvoyant), connection to higher realms, and healing abilities.

What to make of it? Ken Kaplan has been involved with spirituality and metaphysics for 50 years and has a pronounced ability in assessing and communicating what is happening for people and where it fits in both the personal life and societal expansion and journey.

This presentation will offer an overview of the issue at hand that is affecting so many but primarily move into an interactive experience where participants will individually and collectively gain powerful insight and clarity as to the process they are involved in, and how and where they fit in it.

This is a large group presentation of a highly acclaimed small group presentation that Ken has offered for over three years. As a gifted communicator, this presentation offers support and guidance that those attending may feel invaluable in moving forward in their lives