I first discovered the ability to connect with the “other side” after I learned the Rei KI energy healing technique at what is known as Level II. Using certain symbols, one can send healing energy long distance to those you are not with physically. In experimenting, I found that Rei Ki is not restricted to just this world but in my opinion can be sent anywhere in the Cosmos. By using the “absentee symbol”, I could connect with those who had died and began receiving impressions from and communication with them. Although at the time I did not consider myself “psychic”, this ability seemed natural and flowed rather easily.

Years later I decided to formally try sessions with people by doing straight mediumship without the Rei Ki. The practice sessions I did with volunteers went surprisingly well. For a long time I did informal and low cost sessions. In 2011 I dove in and spent a week at the “International Medium Conference” held at Omega Institute in New York, facilitated by James Van Praagh and three other highly¬† regarded mediums. This was a very intensive, guided and specific training with a huge number of exercises designed to expand one’s gift. I was in a group designated “highly experienced but not yet fully professional”. That week changed my life.

Since then the gift has been expanding. Mediumship is different than my intuitive work with guides. Here the client gives NO information. ALL validation must come from your departed loved ones through me.

Each medium works in their own way.  Because I am so coaching oriented, I find that our loved ones from the other side usually work through me not only to validate they are well and present, but to give guidance and support strongly with life issues we are dealing with.

Also, we cannot command who comes through, although we can ask. I have found that whoever comes through is the one most needed, not necessarily the one “most wanted”. Sometimes people have been very surprised at who shows up, perhaps the least expected, but it becomes clear there was a very important reason why they were the one ( or part of the message.)

Sometimes, mediumship is combined with an Intuitive Guide session as a loved one will show up to add information that will support understanding and growth. For example, a parent might help us understand more deeply why a relationship was the way it happened and what lessons were involved for us.

I have found that people feel profoundly moved by the contact and support we experience in these encounters. Those on the other side carry great wisdom, and they do not fail us.