Spiritual/Intuitive Coaching

My coaching blends my own experience and wisdom with contact from your spirit and angelic guides to help with or gain insight into an issue, usually psychological or concerning spiritual development. I help people find their center, clear confusion, and gain direction and tools for the next  step.

Where I am most valuable is assisting in anchoring the energy and information. Many who have come to me have been told of gifts or talents but don’t know what to do with them or how to expand. Or they feel stuck in their personal development or in confrontation with life events. I help give concrete direction for each individual person and situation. You will find a specificity from me in this regard  that is quite unusual from many other intuitive workers.

I work differently than other psychics. Unlike a card reader who might tell you directly what the issues are, through conversation you share with me the broad details of what you are going through. I then “tune in” to your  guides for their support and guidance on where focus should be, hidden strengths, direction one might pursue, and particular points of wisdom they wish to share about what is going on. This approach has been highly successful.

Because I have had an extensive lay background with life experience and various therapeutic support groups, my own wisdom helps facilitate the process. I am quite clear as to what comes from me, and what comes from your guides.

For clarification. I am not a therapist. I am a coach. When I sense the situation dictates, I will be straight with clients when an issue, or part of an issue is beyond my scope and they have need. in my opinion, of working with a trained professional as a next or important step This, in itself, can be extremely helpful. This does not happen often, but  does arise occasionally.