Soul Contracts and Sacred Agreements

Exploring the Life You Designed Before You Were Born

A general consensus is emerging that the life we are living consists of a multi-layered sacred contract with ourselves to fulfill a designed purpose, and Soul Agreements with others to assist mutually in the intentions and plans of all involved. As this knowledge is getting clearer, many questions arise, such as the interface of the intention and destiny-plan that we create and free will. In this presentation, we will create room for deeper exploration of this worldview of the reality beyond the physical, including the primacy of the power of the soul, yet the wide latitude of choice once we “hit the ground”.

Along with discussion and questions, there will be room for some experiential processes and group support for all involved to gain greater clarity and insight into their own individual contract and agreements. This can bring a more heightened sense of perspective and reclamation of one’s own personal power as well as understanding some of the challenges we have created for ourselves and how they fit into the goals we desired for this lifetime.