What If

What if I said you could have a special friend? This friend would know everything about you and would help you clarify your feelings and thoughts about any situation you were dealing with. Their ability  to  illuminate your inner world would be astounding. This person could call up any moment in your life to help with this process and would be incredibly precise and exact in their advice.

In addition, they could show you your blind spots, point out strengths that you have right now but were unaware of, and show you avenues for solutions to your problems. Most importantly, this friend would be totally devoted to you, always supportive, and never inappropriately critical.

Their only desire would be to to help you heal any unresolved or core emotional issues and to celebrate your best moments.

Astonishingly, they also would have this remarkable ability, if you were open, to connect you to departed loved ones, your deepest spiritual wisdom, and even visitations from Angelic realms. In some cases, they could help guide you concerning your future and the future of others.

Even more, you could ask questions of them  about certain situations and they would respond with wonderful answers., Their perspectives and advice would be simply speaking, **infallible,**and they would be available to you 24-7, always and for all your life.

This phenomenal ability could only be described as the greatest of genius, all in loving service to you.

Would you want such a friend?

I would think nearly every thoughtful person would say, “Of course, how could I find such a person? Where are they?”

The answer would be you already have them., for they are your dreams! But there is one problem.

They speak another language, and you have to learn what it is about.

Is it worth it to you to do so?