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The Extraordinary as Ordinary: A Journey with Angelic Guides

For many of us, great religious figures and angels seem far away and part of a mythological construct. Angels such as Gabriel, Raphael, and Michael have been part of an historic iconography for so long, their availability to the average person seems almost incomprehensible. But what if the reverse is true? What if the angels and other “unseen friends’ ” message is to take the mythological elements out of the equation and in owning our own Divine nature, allow their assistance on a truly practical level as a “matter of course”. Recently , “Angelic Communication” has become far more common, as experience and as classes in our society.

Ken Kaplan was introduced to the “Healing Angels of the Energy Field” in 2002, given originally to Stephen Thayer by Archangel Ariel in 2001. His experiences with this team of guides as friends in the unseen led him to the command “We want you to make the extraordinary ordinary”. Explore with Ken both his understanding of the angels and the ramifications of their desire for us to move beyond the archetypes. His time with them has led him to see how much they desire to assist humanity and each person in their growth and to fulfill their dreams. But they must be invited in to our lives. This presentation will help facilitate that invitation, include simple meditations with one or more angels and be open to sharing and questions.

A Journey into the Miraculous; Life with a True Guru

There is great confusion, often apprehension, in the West as to what truly is a Guru. (Explained in my post on the topic) Terms like “Fashion Guru”, “Food Guru”, “Fitness Guru” are cavalierly used but none come close to the essence of the existence, function, and understanding of a true Guru. Ken Kaplan was the disciple of a true “Sat Guru” for twenty years and his relationship with this great teacher formed the foundation of his spiritual journey. This condensed life story illuminates and explains not only the experience of the impact of such a guide, but answers the questions posed above. To have had such a close relationship to such a teacher and to assimilate and integrate the experience with the larger life journey offers a unique vantage point concerning many aspects of the spiritual path.

This presentation was offered many times at various Borders Bookstores and was a featured experimental presentation at the Mid Atlantic Storytelling Gathering, a regional conference comprising participants from six states

A longer and more in depth presentation of this powerful experience, with songs, chants and meditations, is presented as “Adventures with the Great Guru.”

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