My Presentation History

“You are truly gifted. Through sharing your gift at the hands-on dream workshop you showed everyone what a powerful tool our dreams can be. Everyone was engaged and entertained throughout the program. We’d love to have you back!
Joyce Weiss
Upper Perkiomen Valley Library

I have been a professional storyteller for 25 years, specializing in concerts and interactive stories for young children, and curriculum development workshops in early childhood. I always had a gift for communication and creating well received presentations. Around the same time, having had an 18 year relationship with a true Yogic Master from India, unusual for a westerner, I began doing presentations on spiritual topics, mostly at the chain of Border’s Bookstores, who had dozens of outlets in the Delaware Valley. I started with stories of what it was like to have such a teacher and I called it “A Journey Into the Miraculous”. When Conversations With God came out, I experimented through the spiritual community I belonged to in what is called “automatic writing”. Although I did not go into a “trance state”, I found great excitement in developing an ability to connect to my “higher self” through using journals and soon developed a well received workshop I called “Developing Your Own Conversation with God”

As the Spirit within moved me, I would create a presentation around it. At this time, I have done about eight different topics, of which three to five are prominent. They are listed in the drop boxes.

As a storyteller and presenter, i have an ability to paint pictures with words, to be focused and coherent, to use several different ways to make ideas and experiences clear, and to help people understand metaphysical and spiritual concepts when other methods have confused or failed them. Comments I get often are, “I never understood that before” or “That’s a really great way to put it, I never thought of it like that.”

Presentations are requested by all kinds of groups, from conferences and libraries to meet ups. All my talks are based on personal experience, whether it is Soul Contracts or Angel Communication. One of my great strengths is providing resources for audiences to follow up with. The range, depth, and diversity of my spiritual life often becomes a “library” for others to draw from.

Presentation fees vary greatly depending on the group and situation. You will find my range on the “fees and payment” page.


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