My History/How I work

“Ken in his professional and reassuring manner allowed me to explore this (painful, recurring) dream and it opened my mind to some profound insights into how my unconscious works, insights that have lessened the emotional pain I have been suffering for a life time. In particular, his ability to intuitively grasp and work with what was “present” but not “seen” opened up the dream in truly unusual ways that led to the depth of insight and relief I mentioned above.” (K,J. Phoenixville LIbrary)

Dreams literally changed my life in 1972. I had been initiated into a Yoga movement with an extremely powerful “Sat (true) Guru from India. His name was Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, which means the “figure of or embodiment of bliss”. One night in August he came to me in a dream that was truly “Biblical” in nature. I awoke awash in bliss in an ecstatic trance from his presence. In the next years, dreams with the Guru, many prophetic, came to me, as often as four a month. Something spiritually very significant was happening. From that moment on, dreams would never be ordinary for me.

In 1976 I read Ann Faraday’s “The Dream Game”. She was one of the great popular experts on dreams who brought understanding of them to the general public. For some reason, once I read the book I ‘had it”. There was a gift that emerged. I never studied formally with a teacher or school of thought on dreams, never took courses. I just had it. Of course through the years I have learned from others, mostly other published esteemed dream workers, such as Gayle Delaney, and today the gift is much more expansive than in the beginning. But something in me, past life gift, whatever, got it. I became a professional storyteller and at conferences we would stay up and people would bring me their dreams. “I’ve had this recurring dream (or a dream) I could never figure out”, and 15 minutes later it would be completely clear. I gave my first professional presentation about 14 years ago and to say jaws dropped in astonishment is an understatement. It almost always happens that way because no one knows, and when they see it, how dreams work, amazement happens.

I am not an “interpreter”, although I use the word because it is useful and easily understood. My real role is facilitator. I lead one into the forest of their dream, as a guide, and help them unfold the symbols and the narrative until it becomes clear. It is your dream, not mine. The process is very Shamanic.

Because I have had extensive personal experience with dreams that involve “higher plane energies”, I am particularly adept and have had great success in helping people understand the messages from loved ones in “visitation dreams” and how to recognize precognitive or prophetic dreams. Lucid dreaming in general, however, is not my sphere of expertise.

I usually work by phone. This has proven to be extremely effective. Most people first contact me by email and we set up an appointment. Payment options are discussed under fees. My desire is to keep things reasonable.

In working with me you will see the extraordinary power and depth of dreams, a power that can shift your life. On my blog, you will learn more of the secrets of dreams, how they work, principles of decoding, dispelling of myths. I encourage you to enter this world and discover the wondrous tool life has placed within you. Help me and other dream workers bring dreams out of spiritual exile.