Major Performing Credits 1988-2000

Museum Appearances

Please Touch Museum, April 1989-February 1990

Monthly theater presentations in conjunction with the exhibit, “Folk and Fairy Tales”. Additionally created and presented original show, “The Magical Land of Holiday Giants”, which ran daily for six weeks. A first ever exploration by the museum of specific programming and promotion using the theater.

Franklin Institute Appearance, December 1989

Selected to do a week long performance built around the theme of trains in the theater. Two shows a day, one in the theater, one interactive in adjacent room.
Philadelphia Museum of Art, April 1994, December 1995
Featured at Museum’s special Wednesday “Night Out” on two occasions.

Storytelling Conferences and Venues

National Storytelling Association National Conference, July 1996

“Track” presenter (combination demonstration concert and workshop) to conference attendees and public at Philadelphia’s Please Touch Museum. Workshop was on storytelling and performance skills for young audiences.

Mid Atlantic Storytelling Gathering (MAST), June 1998,1990-1996

One of the America’s most esteemed regional storytelling Conferences. Selected as featured performer for presentation, 1998. Selected in competitive audition as featured performer for regional concert, 1993, 1990. “Swapping Ground” coordinator in 1994. Workshop presenter in 1992 and 1996.

“Tellebration: National Night of Storytelling, November 1990, 1993,

The premier adult storytelling event in the area. Emcee for the first ever concert (1990), selected in competitive audition to be featured in 1993, 2007

Library Tours

Bucks County “Traveling Show”, November 1999, April 1991

Twice selected for annual tour of twelve libraries. Tour coordinator, Mary Ann
Crozier, commented, ”When you came to us we had very high expectations,
and I am pleased and excited to say you exceeded them!”.

City of Baltimore Librarian’s Meeting, October 1992

Demonstration Concert to full auditorium of children and all librarians of
Baltimore City followed by extended workshop on storytelling skills.

State of Delaware Tour, June-July 1990

Performed in thirty libraries in a three week period under a grant from the
state won in a competitive bidding process. Program was done in Tandem
with storyteller Sandy Pomerantz for all ages with a theme of ‘bears”.

Montgomery County Tour, Summer 1990
Tour of thirteen libraries in Montgomery County.

Elementary, Middle and High School Tours and Appearances

Chester Charter School Concert and Teaching Series, Summer 2000

Developed a series of eight sessions for Early elementary to Middle school children, teachers, and parents combining storytelling with literacy ideas and applications for the classroom.

Haverford School District “Writer’s Days”, 1995-1996

Elementary schools in this district select a day devoted to writing. Authors,
journalists, songwriters, poets, and others spend time with individual
classes. Over a year period, the featured assembly performer (K-2, 3-5)
in conjunction with this program for all the schools in the entire district.

Westtown Friends School “Gender Day”, April 1994

Featured performer with storyteller Annie Hawkins for assembly program of grades 9-12 with stories that supported exploration of gender issues.
Penn Charter School Arts Festival, 1990-1992
Featured performer for grades K-5 three consecutive years.

Pine Hill School District “Read on Sleep on”, May 1990-1992

Featured performer for a 4-6 grade night devoted to stimulate reading.

Folk Festivals and Venues

Philadelphia Folk Festival, August 1995

Featured performer for both children and adult stages. Presented five concerts over two days. Considered one of the East Coast’s premier folk events.

Philadelphia Folk Song Society “Spring Thing”, May 1991-1994

Created and organized a combination “kid’s concert” and children’s open stage at annual getaway weekend for the Folk Song Society attended by over 400 people. Cited as the “best new program” by the weekend organizer in 1992.

Appel Farm Arts and Music Center, June and December 1991

Featured performer at the “Children’s Village” during the folk festival in June. Returned to initiate the Children’s performing series in December.

Earth Day Kid’s Stage, Twentieth Anniversary, April 1990

Featured performer for this gala event along with several national artists.

Miscellaneous Major Credits

Israeli Independence Day Celebration, Penn’s Landing, 1998-2000

Featured performer at this annual event in Philadelphia

Phoenixville Area YMCA Summer Camp, 1998-2003

Performed six concerts a summer for entire camp, ages 3-14.

Borders Bookstores, 1989-2005

Featured at over 60 concerts at locations throughout the area, including three grand openings, three staff development workshops, and special appearances at the Philadelphia Convention Center and Rittenhouse Square.

Lively Arts for Little Ones Concert Series, October 1992

Featured performer at a highly regarded concert series in Columbia, Maryland

Thousands of other schools, organizations, festivals in the area










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