“Higher Self – God” in Dreams

I divided this box from the “visitation dream from departed loved ones” for practical reasons.

Freud felt dreams came from the “Unconscious” Jung divided Freud’s “Unconscious” into the “Personal Unconscious”(associated with the individual) and the “Collective Unconscious”. (that which was beyond strictly individual personality.)

For our purposes here, I have used  in my work the term “personal subconscious” for I believe that the vast majority of dreams are in the domain of the subconscious mind, which is intimately associated with the individual personality. However I use the term “Universal Unconscious” to apply to dreams that are outside the  realm of what we would term “ordinary dreams”. Issues surrounding Jung’s  term “Collective Unconscious” are for another time.

The “Universal Unconscious”, from my experience is infinite, unbounded and beyond the limits of personal identity. But it is accessible. We are all connected to it for it is a part of us. It can be termed “Higher Self”, “Source Energy”, “Spirit”, or “God” to use a few terms of reference people might use. “Higher Self – God” in dreams is useful because it is somewhat all encompassing.

This is the area where visitations from departed loved ones occur (dealt with elsewhere.) This is also the arena of lucid dreams, precognitive dreams (telling the future), and of strange circumstances such as two or more people having the same dream.

This is also the place where we experience angelic or spirit guide contact, even in the form of power animals, energies we perceive as coming from a Divine source within, even if its in a form of a friend or celebrity and it is here also that we experience “God” in our dreams, as a voice, a light, a Master such as Jesus, or whatever form it chooses to take.

These “Higher Self” dreams usually carry power far beyond our ordinary dreams and most often provide experiences, energy, and wisdom of a very high order. Example.

A friend of mine who is the founder of the “New Age” church I go to appears to me in a dream. She is surrounded by light. She looks right at me and says “You want love but you crave power. I wake up.

Clearly this was a message from “God” in my dream using my friend as the “conduit”. The message has stayed with me all my life as a reference point to something very important to consider.

What I find interesting about many of these dreams is that the message will not always be so direct. My association with dreams really began when my Guru started appearing in them with explosive force. I would wake up in ecstasy from his presence. In the beginning I was getting two to three dreams like this a month. But often the message was involved in the same “bizarre” symbols “ordinary dreams are and I had to use decoding skills to get it.

I have come to see that the “Universal Unconscious” will interface with the personal subconscious and use its elements to deliver the message. This actually happens quite a bit in visitation dreams from departed loved ones and can confuse people.

It seems that the dreaming mind, even the “Higher Self – God” in dreams will not let us escape our responsibility for understanding how dreams work and some of the rules and principles of decoding. Unfortunately people can not only get confused, as I mentioned by this, but harm themselves with incorrect interpretation.

Years ago a woman came to me with a dream in which a cross appeared blazing in the sky and said “The end of the World is Near”

She had been terrified for years that she had had a premonition of some type of Armageddon. (End of the world). But when we went over the dream it turned out the message was “Her world-as she knew it- was ending”. The message was about transition in her life and change. Because she had strong Christian roots, her “Higher Self in the dream” had used a spiritual form from her personal subconscious that she could relate to, a cross in the sky with a commanding Divine voice.

By not understanding how dreams work, this person had some years of unwarranted fear and anxiety. This is not an unusual phenomenon.

It is almost always a great  blessing when our “Higher Self – God” appears in our dreams. As I said, we tend to remember them as some of the most important experiences of our lives. Ken Wapnick, one of the original workers on A Course in Miracles, was deeply affected by a very powerful dream he had with Jesus while traveling and treasured it deeply.

We all have access to this storehouse of love, light, peace, wisdom and guidance. It is my opinion the more we work with dreams, the more space we create for this energy-presence of the “Universal Unconscious” to work with us and support us. But also, as I pointed out, it helps to ground oneself in some familiarity with dream principles for the “Higher Self – God” in dreams” does not always follow the rules of the desires of the human intellect.