Fees and Payment

My fees  for intuitive services and dream interpretation are $125 or less. The reasons are two fold.

1) I am sensitive as to what a client can afford and have a sliding scale.

2) With dreams, a shorter one will take less, perhaps much less, time than longer ones. We can spend up to a half hour on a fragment. Even though “visitation” dreams can be short, the message in them can be very powerful, As mentioned, I have a  special gift in working with these dreams from departed loved ones.

At the beginning, I prefer we have a short, free conversation to see if how I work is a fit for you, and the potential of what the fee might be.  At sessions end we will mutually agree on a fee according to what we have discussed. This has worked very well for me.

There is no time limit to sessions. The quality of what we get is most important. I don’t want people worrying about “the minutes.”

Fees for public presentations are negotiated individually with organizations or group leaders as size of group, audience charge, and financial capacity are all different. A large conference fee is vastly different than a local library or meet up. Contact me if you are interested and we will discuss our mutual needs and come to an agreement.

Sessions or exploration about a session or presentation is initially done through the “Contact” page.