Visitation Dreams From Departed Loved Ones

I have mentioned visitation dreams from departed loved ones in a few places. Very often we will receive dreams from those who have crossed over, or a dream from the Angelic or “Higher Realms”. These dreams usually are very vivid, even lucid. Many dream workers will talk about these kinds of dreams but few have had them in any quantity and are not that experienced in dealing with them.

Due to the great range and depth of my own spiritual experiences, especially in dreams, I have found that I have a strong ability to work with them. This is particularly important because quite often, when departed loved ones (or “higher beings”) comeĀ  through a dream, they use the symbols of the subconscious mind to deliver a message. When they do this, the message is quite significant, sometimes crucial to the well being of the person still here on Earth. However dream decoding skills still must often be applied. See my post on visitation dreams.

I have found working with these dreams to be special and very moving. It is a very unique form of guidance and support.