About Dreams

“Ken, thank you, thank you, that was an eye opener, I will be putting more value and time towards my dreams. Last night was awesome, thank you.” Simona M.

One of the reasons I started this site was to advocate for dreams for they are one of the most misunderstood parts of human life. My little essay “What If’ basically explains the nature and purpose of dreams in a “nutshell”.

We all have a buried treasure within us and have no idea of its value. In my 25 years of working with dreams, I find an extremely small number of people have any idea of how dreams work or their potential to assist us in our lives. Even most “spiritual” people, those committed to growth and deepening self understanding, have virtually no idea of this extraordinary tool and the simplest rules of their terrain. I call dreams “the spiritual child exiled from the room”.

No one is at fault for this. We live in a materialist- rationalist dominated society. Dreams are generally either seen as having little psychological value (ask most neuro scientists-the brain guys) or because of societal ignorance, their worth is not communicated or taught. Also, the psychologists have made dreams their “domain”. If you wanted to work with someone, where could you go? And a huge number of psychologists have no knowledge either!

So this site, in part, is to help change that. In the “blog” portion of this site, I have two areas where I will post on dreams. In “Thoughts on Dreams”, I will share knowledge about how dreams work, although not as extensively as in the book I am writing. Hopefully this will clear up basic misconceptions and provide useful beginning information. The second area “Dream Interpretation”, will take actual dreams and see how we come to an understanding of their meaning. This is quite common for most good dream workers who have similar web sites.

So take the information I share as a gift and comment if you like.

Caution: The “dream interpretation” blog is NOT meant to be a “Dear Abby” where one can write in and say “I had this dream last night (give details) and then ask “what does it mean?” As we shall see 1) I don’t work that way and 2) I will explain why I prefer and to be honest  can’t effectively work that way.

Please respect this request. If you want to work with me, there are ways set up to do that. I expect people to be serious about this work and what understanding your dreams has to offer. They can change your life.