Spiritual Coaching, Dream Interpretation and Group Presentations

I have been meaning to write to you – it truly was a remarkable session. I am not quite sure how to describe how I feel but so much less fearful and more hopeful in what is happening in the present and more positive for the future…last night when I came home to the destruction (of a massive storm) I was strangely calm… Wonderful – very liberating-Louise O. (Coaching session)

Welcome to my website and blog.  I have been a professional storyteller and presenter on spiritual topics throughout the Delaware Valley for over twenty five years, During this time,  I discovered that I had a profound gift in working with dreams and an ability to connect with those who have crossed over. In recent years these  gifts of intuition and communication  have expanded and I have been drawn to support others in personal growth and the spiritual path in a variety of ways.

Dream Portal Path through WoodsWhat I do best is help people find their center and see resources, tools and direction  for the next step. I have also been blessed with the ability to communicate ideas, concepts, and experiences to individuals and groups in ways that make things clear.

These gifts aid people in catching up with themselves. I find  often the soul is already advanced but the mind , emotional self and beliefs are not in synch with or recognizing what is that is already present or of potential.  My work allows  a person to bring the two more completely into harmony so they can move forward more easily.

Because this is a blog as well, I intend to write about dreams, their purpose, meaning, and principles of interpretation. In addition, I will post on various spiritual topics. I would also like to share thoughts that often are “out of the box”, applying metaphysical principles to the societal and cultural landscape that I believe are interesting and unusual.

Thank you for visiting. Check out my services, more on what I’m about, and my  perspectives on dreams and other subjects. My desire is that you will be intrigued, and find the support you need if Spirit asks for us to work together.

Ken, I want to thank you. You may have changed my life just like you may have changed the life of that eleven year old youth at the music weekend….Writing to wish you the very best in the new year and to thank you for helping to transform my life. I have continued to deal with my dreams as it feels appropriate (along with some other modalities-Ken)…and I am now happy and filled with a sense of purpose.

You will always be in my thoughts as one of the great helpers in my life.- L.W. (Extended dream interpretation session)